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Digital Branding-Advertising Agencies in HCMC, Vietnam: The Final Frontier.

6 Jan

Is HO CHI MINH CITY VIETNAM the new  frontier for the Digital Branding-Advertising  Industry.

Branding and Advertising agencies in HCMC VIETNAM seem to be booming.  From digital online marketing to new social media marketing to traditional brand advertising print and TV film commercials The entire industry is set to grow extensively.

AS AN AWARD WINNING INTEGRATED BRANDING AND ADVERTISING AGENCY IN HO CHI MINH CITY, Blue Orange Asia is a leading the way.  Our team of talented creative directors and designers have produced an original portfolio of traditional and digital brand design for clients in Asia, Europe and London UK.   A few of the market sectors we service include; New Technologies,  E Commerce, Food, Beverages, New Restaurants, FMCG and Retail products, Beauty and Skincare, Cosmetics, Luxury tourism, Hospitality, Corporate Business Development & Design, Lifestyle and Leisure, Healthcare and Wellness, Medical, Sports, Nutrition, Financial Services and Insurance, Mobile, Apps, Devices, Electronic Consumer Goods, Retail Shopper Activation, IT, Software, Travel, Fashion Accessories & Designer Apparel, Retail Banking Products, Manufacturing, Cars & Trucks, Airlines & Aviation Brands, Engineering Products & Systems, Security, Alternative Energy, Luxury Waterfront Marinas, Yacht & Beach Clubs, Condo Developments, Eco Green Living.


In today’s fast changing world, your business needs innovative radical thinking in order to significantly grow and stay ahead.  As the saying goes, Change or Die.  From our experience we know that Visually Engaging Original Content Marketing, Online Social Media and Digital Viral Video Marketing are the smart compelling ways to optimize your sales and marketing budget.   Communicate your unique selling points in a creatively compelling way and you will develop long term engaging customer relationship and loyalty to your brand or product making you rank higher in Google searches and clearly stand out above the bland corporate competition.

YOU AND YOUR BRAND ARE UNIQUE.  To change your business for the better, simply change the way you market your brand or product.  Contact us Now, We’ll Show You How.

To experience our Clear Difference, email us now with your enquiry.  We look forward to hearing from you, the privilege of meeting you, and the opportunity to work with you to make you an outstanding success in the future.




Blue Orange Asia in HCMC VIETNAM . Email ideas@blueorangeuk.com


BLUE ORANGE ASIA’S Outstanding Advertising Communication Services include Integrated Advertising Campaigns | Marketing Communications | PR | Activation Marketing | Events Marketing | Activation and Events Advertising |  FMCG Retail Advertising | Marketing and Advertising Strategy | Creative Direction | Copywriting | Art Direction | Photography | TV Commercial Productions | Corporate Film Productions | Digital Video Productions.

BLUE ORANGE ASIA’S Outstanding Digital Marketing Communication Services include Interactive New Media | Digital Online Marketing | Viral Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Facebook Advertising | Instagram Advertising  | SEO Optimization | SEM Marketing.

Our Outstanding Branding and Design Creative Services include New Brand Identity Creation | New Product Identity Creation | Branding Communications | Brand Collaterals | Brand Manuals & Tool Kits |  Brand and Product Positioning | Brand Strategy

Our Outstanding Design Services include Corporate Design | Graphic Design | Website Design | UX, UI Design | App Design | Retail Consumer Branding | Luxury Branding | SKU Packaging Design.





8 Sep

Many people have different interpretations about what a brand or product positioning means.   It’s one of those concepts that is hard to pin down, yet at the same time is so crucial to the long-term success of your business.   Positioning is at the heart of your brand.  It’s essentially the summation value of everything your brand is about.

Positioning is built from what you know to be true about your customer.   It takes the benefits you’ve outlined and makes them clear and meaningful to customers.  In its simplest form positioning is the mental space  you want to occupy in your customer’s mind, so that you clearly stand out from your competition.

Positioning is the first thing you want your customer to think about when they hear your brand name.  The Emotional Connection with your customer is the key to being a brand.  But that emotional bond should be reflected in the positioning statement for the business.

Positioning is more about emotions and less about the facts.

That’s why marketers, who think a claim about their product or service is a positioning statement, really miss the boat.  The same goes for a description of your type of business. There’s no emotion in that and it’s emotions that differentiate a brand.

As the brand positioning gurus Al Ries and Jack Trout said in 1981’ Positioning: ‘The Battle for your Mind’    “Positioning is NOT what you do to a product (or brand).   Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect.”

In 1972 Jack Trout and Al Ries wrote three seminal articles on brand positioning that were published in Advertising Age. Thirty-six years later the merits of their thinking holds steadfast. This is an excerpt of their article ‘The Brand Positioning Era Cometh’.

Remember the Mind Is a Memory Bank To better understand what an advertiser is up against, it may be helpful to take a closer look at the objective of all advertising programs – the human mind. Like a memory bank, the mind has a slot or “position” for each bit of information it has chosen to retain. In operation, the mind is a lot like a computer. But there is one important difference. A computer has to accept what is put into it. The mind does not. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The mind, as a defense mechanism against the volume of today’s communications, screens and rejects much of the information offered it. In general, the mind accepts only that new information which matches its prior knowledge or experience. It filters out everything else. For example, when a viewer sees a television commercial that says, “NCR means computers,” he doesn’t accept it. IBM means computers. NCR means National Cash Register. The computer “position” in the minds of most people is filled by a company called the International Business Machines Corp. For a competitive computer manufacturer to obtain a favorable position in the prospect’s mind, he must somehow relate his company to IBM’s position. Yet, too many companies embark on marketing and advertising programs as if the competitor’s position did not exist. They advertise their products in a vacuum and are disappointed when their messages fail to get through.

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