Digital Branding-Advertising Agencies in Vientiane, Laos: Laos New Brand Marketing, The final advertising frontier?

6 Jan

Is Vientiane, Laos the new and final bold frontier for the Digital Brand- Advertising  Industry.

Branding and Advertising agencies in Vietiane seem to be booming.  From digital online marketing to new social media marketing to traditional brand advertising print and TV film commercials The entire industry is set to grow extensively.

Blue Orange Asia is a leading the way in Vientiane Laos Branding and Advertising.  Our team of talented creative directors and designers have produced an original portfolio of traditional and digital brand design for clients in Asia, Europe and London UK.   A few of the market sectors we service include; New Technologies,  E Commerce, Food, Beverages, New Restaurants, FMCG and Retail products, Beauty and Skincare, Cosmetics, Luxury tourism, Hospitality, Corporate Business Development & Design, Lifestyle and Leisure, Healthcare and Wellness, Medical, Sports, Nutrition, Financial Services and Insurance, Mobile, Apps, Devices, Electronic Consumer Goods, Retail Shopper Activation, IT, Software, Travel, Fashion Accessories & Designer Apparel, Retail Banking Products, Manufacturing, Cars & Trucks, Airlines & Aviation Brands, Engineering Products & Systems, Security, Alternative Energy, Luxury Waterfront Marinas, Yacht & Beach Clubs, Condo Developments, Eco Green Living.


In today’s fast changing world, your business needs innovative radical thinking in order to significantly grow and stay ahead.  As the saying goes, Change or Die.  From our experience we know that Visually Engaging Original Content Marketing, Online Social Media and Digital Viral Video Marketing are the smart compelling ways to optimize your sales and marketing budget.   Communicate your unique selling points in a creatively compelling way and you will develop long term engaging customer relationship and loyalty to your brand or product making you rank higher in Google searches and clearly stand out above the bland corporate competition.

YOU AND YOUR BRAND ARE UNIQUE.  To change your business for the better, simply change the way you market your brand or product.  Contact us Now, We’ll Show You How.

To experience our Clear Difference, email us now with your enquiry.  We look forward to hearing from you, the privilege of meeting you, and the opportunity to work with you to make you an outstanding success in the future.


Blue Orange UK in London England UK |                                      Level 1, Devonshire House, 1 Mayfair Place, London W1J 8AJ, United Kingdom.                       Email

Blue Orange Asia in Vientiane Laos.                                                                                                 Email

Our Integrated Digital Online services include;

Vietiane  New Brand Identity | Product Identity | Creation | Development.                                 Brand Positioning | Product Positioning | Market Positioning.
Brand Strategy | Marketing Strategy | Advertising Strategy.
Strategic New Brand Development | SME New Business Consultants.                                             Brand, Product, Marketing Consultancy.

Corporate Design | Graphic Design | Website Design.
FMCG | Retail Consumer Branding | Luxury Branding | SKU Packaging Design.

Vietiane Branding Communications | Collaterals | Brand Manuals & Tool Kits.
Vietiane Creative Advertising | Sales & Marketing Communications | PR Communications.
Creative Direction | Copywriting | Art Direction | Photography.
Vietiane TV Commercials | Production | Vietiane Corporate Films | Vietiane Digital Videos & Films.

Interactive New Media | Digital Online Marketing | Viral Marketing.
Social Media Marketing | Facebook Advertising | Instagram Advertising.                                      SEO Search Engine Optimization | SEM Search Engine Marketing.
Vientiane Laos is open for business. After two decades of isolating sanctions, this Southeast Asian country represents one of the few places largely untouched by Western brands.  Check out this superb article below.


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