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Stop Wasting your 2015 Marketing Budget. Start Optimizing your 2016 Marketing Budget.

11 Jan

Is your Marketing Budget Being Eaten up by the Endless Media Costs ?

Stop Wasting your 2015 Marketing Budget.  Start Optimizing your 2016 Marketing Budget.

Whether that is press, online, TV, radio or outdoor, one thing is certain.  The cost of advertising is expensive and generally not targeted or efficient.  You are probably familiar with the quote,  attributed to John Wannamaker,    “I know that half of my advertising dollars are wasted … I just don’t know which half.”    More to the point – your advertising could just be whistling in the dark unless you clearly align it with other aspects of your business.

Outbound marketing is basically dead, and if your marketing budget is allocated for outbound marketing, you might as well flush that money down the toilet.  Why would you spend money on advertising that the majority of the public tries to actively avoid?    Time for proven inbound strategic marketing tactics ??  What are inbound strategic marketing tactics ??

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