Why Brands Die and Marketing Budgets Get Wasted in Thailand

18 Aug


1:    Probably because there are so many terrible UNCREDIBLE UNQUALIFIED  ‘make it up as you go along’  marketing agencies/suppliers with an entire senior management having NO relevant credible experience or expertise in the business and NO relevant BA qualification, education or awards,  EVER with ANY accredited MNC global agency network.

2:   Probably because clients in Thailand are consistently exposed to, and accept a very low poor standard and expectation of creative marketing excellence and marketing quality.

3:   So why do so many clients in Thailand work with uncredible unqualified agencies / suppliers?    Are clients insane?

4:   In this part of the world, it seems     ’ Who You Know, not What You Know Rules’.  Or  ‘In The Land of the Blind, The One Eyed Man is King’.

5:  Partnering any of these ‘make-it-up-as-you-go-along agencies’ is a recipe for disaster, failure and suicide for your future.

6: TIME TO STOP COMMITTING SUICIDE?   Why not ask your brand marketing senior partner for their relevant resume, awards, or qualifications?    Or their relevant talent and experience gained in the business from an accredited global MNC agency?

7:  You would never hire a 1 star chef to run a 5 star kitchen,  So why hire 1 star uncredible un qualified agencies / suppliers to market your 5 star brand?

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