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Positioning Affects Every Aspect of Your Communications–And Your Business

Positioning is the basis for all your communications–your packaging and product design, sales promotions, advertising, and public relations. Everything you do must reinforce that position–otherwise you just undermine your marketing efforts and sow confusion instead of confidence. Positioning is serious business. You must choose the right position, for now and down the road.

Do the work now to develop a clear position for your business vis-à-vis your competitors. You’ll ensure that you get the most from your advertising budget. The truth is that with enough money, you can buy success in advertising. Mediocre, unfocused messages from a company without a clear position will generate sales surprisingly well if that company buys enough time or space to pound the message home. But think how much farther that budget could take you if you had a focused message, a unique selling proposition, and a target audience for your offering. Positioning–and the creative approach that grows from it–make the difference.


Developing the Positioning Statement and the Tagline

To begin creating your own sense of positioning for your business, answer the following questions with short, articulate answers that relate your offering to your customers’ needs.

  1. What does your business do?
  2. For whom?
  3. What is your biggest benefit to them?
  4. Prove your claim. To what do you attribute that benefit?
  5. How will your customers perceive this benefit, relative to the competition?




Position is that one thing.

That one descriptive sentence or slogan the company is known for.

That one specific idea that first comes to mind about the product.

That one characteristic that sets the service apart from competitors.

For Volvo that one thing is “Safety.”

McDonalds is “A fun place for kids.”

In Jakarta, Indonesia, Bluebird is “The safest way to travel by taxi.”

And everyone knows, Avis tries harder.

Be tangible, and vivid:

“The bank on every block.”

“We’re #2, so we try harder.”

“Welcome aboard, your Highness.”

Be snappy and specific:

“Good to the last drop.” Maxwell House.

“Think different.” Apple computers.

“Quick as a click.” Citibank PC banking.


Forget generic or ambiguous:

“Get the sensation.”

“More like the woman you are.”

“You have the power.”



Asda’s strap line is “Permanently low prices” and they use a large rock which they often place outside their stores to symbolise that their low prices are set in stone and are aiming to always achieve a low price promise. This places them at the lower end of the market.


Then Tesco state “Every little helps” this indicates that though they might not be the cheapest they are very price conscience and trying to give their customers the very best value. So they are nearer the low to mid range of the market position.


Sainsbury’s strap line is “Good food cost less” now this is in the medium to high position so they are saying that they supply quality food but still aware of the price.


Marks & Spencer is simply “Your M&S” now this is in the higher end of positioning along with Waitrose, though M&S also sells mainly clothes it still has a high number of retail outlets and indicates that their food will be high quality to your total satisfaction and of course their foods is higher priced.


Brand Positioning.


 The object of positioning a brand is to cause people to feel that there is no completely satisfactory substitute for the brand.


To position a brand requires that you make choices. Having a position means that the brand will appeal to some people and not others. A brand can be positioned in several ways: offering a specific benefit, targeting a specific segment, price, or distribution.


Benefit positioning can be used if the brand perceivably differs in its ability to deliver a specific benefit. The power of a benefit position will depend on how many people care about the benefit and how different the brand is in delivering it.



Target positioning requires that all a brand’s marketing be focussed on a specific segment. The target may be defined demographically, economically, geographically, ethnically or attitudinally. To work, a target position should cause the people in the target to perceive the brand as superior in meeting their particular needs.


Price positioning puts the brand either at the top or bottom of the category. By being the most or least expensive brand in the category the brand takes on a specific identity. Obviously the size of the customer franchise, brand image and profit margins will be affected by this strategy. It is difficult to defend a price position.


Positioning by distribution is an often overlooked, but effective strategy. Placing a brand in a channel that is not used by competitors can effectively differentiate it and establish a unique identity. Being the first product of its kind sold in a channel of distribution can cause people to perceive it differently.


The importance of a strong brand position is not to be underestimated. It can last for years, even, as in the case of Ivory, for over a century. It may sound like heresy but I believe that neither innovation or quality are, by themselves, sufficient to guarantee that a brand will achieve all that it is capable of in the market place. What makes a position right is difficult to define. Bob Cox, chairman of the Cox group and creator of the long lasting, “ We make it simple” campaign that helped position Honda, says that positioning occurs when a “truth in the product” is connected to a “need of the consumer” by compelling communications. Every product has certain “truths” about it. Not every product has unique truths or truths that are very different from competition.








Mercedes-Benz car brand

Slogans: Unlike any other.

 Mercedes-Benz. The Future of the Automobile.

  Engineered to move the human spirit.


Honda Cars


The Power of Dreams

  It must be love

 Honda. First man, then machine

 Technology you can enjoy


 Acura cars (the Honda Motor’s brand)

Ad slogans:

The True Definition of Luxury. Yours.

 Acura. Precision Crafted Performance



Advertising slogan:

Driven by passion. FIAT.

Alfa Romeo car brand


Alfa Romeo. Beauty is not enough

Power for your control


Volvo Cars

Advertising slogan: Volvo. For life 

Subaru Cars 


Subaru. Think. Feel. Drive.

  Driven By What’s Inside

  When You Get It, You Get It

 The Beauty of All-Wheel Drive


Ford Vehicles

Advertising slogans:

Ford. Feel the difference.

  Ford. Bold moves. (USA)

Built for life in Canada. (Canada)

 Built for the road ahead.

 Ford. Designed for living. Engineered to last.

 Have you driven a Ford lately?





Infiniti vehicles

Marketing slogan:

Infiniti. Accelerating the Future.


BMW automobiles

Marketing slogans:

BMW. The Ultimate Driving Machine.

  BMW. Sheer Driving Pleasure.

 The Ultimate Driving Experience.


Jaguar cars

Ad slogans:

Born to perform.

  Unleash a Jaguar.

 Don’t dream it. Drive it!

 Jaguar. The art of performance.

 Grace…. space… pace.



Audi automobiles

Marketing slogans: Keeping ahead through technology.

   Everyone dreams of an Audi.



Volkswagen, the German car brand


Slogans: Volkswagen. Drivers wanted. (US marketing campaign)

  For the love of the car.

  Relieves gas pains.


 Surprisingly ordinary prices (UK campaign for VW Passat, Golf, Polo)

Peugeot, the French automobiles

Marketing slogans: Peugeot. Live the pleasure.

 The drive of your life.

  The lion goes from strength to strength.



Toyota car brand


Taglines: Today Tomorrow Toyota. (Europe)

Toyota. Moving Forward.

  The best built cars in the world.






Rover car brand


Advertising slogan: Rover. A Class Of Its Own.



Land Rover vehicles

Advertising slogan: Land Rover. Go beyond.


Chevrolet Cars



Chevrolet. An American Revolution

 See the USA in your Chevrolet

 The Heartbeat of America

 The road isn’t built that can make it breathe hard!

  Eye it – try it – buy it!



Hyundai Motor’s cars


Slogans: Hyundai. Drive your way


 Always There for You

 Driving is believing

 Prepare to want one



Nissan Motor’s cars

Taglines: Shift

   Shift expectations.

 You can with a Nissan.

 Just wait you drive it.


 Lexus cars (a Division of Toyota Motor)

Advertising slogans:

The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection

 The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection



Porsche automobiles

Ad slogan:

Porsche, There is No Substitute



Skoda Auto

Advertising slogans: Skoda. Simply Clever

  It’s a Skoda. Honest.



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